Importance of Domain Authority and Page Authority Scores in SEO

You may have heard about DA and PA scores for SEO. Let’s understand what is Domain Authority and Page authority scores in SEO and why it is an important aspect of any website to gain proper ranking in major search engines. Let’s take an example: You have got a perfect domain purchased that matches good keywords as well as it is properly matching with your company brand name. After which you build a good website and showcase various pages on your website such as about us, blog articles, product pages, the home page, and so on…. What next? Rankings? Right….

To rank your website, you start hiring good SEO resources or put good budgets on advertisements to pull off the customers and visitors to your website. For major search engines to rank your website – It is Domain Authority and Page Authority through which you gain quick rankings. This means you need to build DA and PA scores so that both of these provide some insight into how much your website’s SEO is strong and how you will rank on other Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here we will go through the basics and importance of DA and PA and how to increase them, some important things to know about PA and DA. So you can learn how to integrate them into your web activity.

What is Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority was created by Moz, it’s a score used to judge the quality of a website. As you know Moz is one of the innovative SEO Solution providers. It has a score range of one to 100, with higher scores indicating a higher likelihood of ranking.

Domain Authority is calculated using dozens of factors based on data from our Link Explorer web index. The Domain Authority calculation itself utilizes a machine learning method to identify a “best suited” algorithm that most attentively correlates our link data with rankings across thousands of real search results that we use as benchmarks.

How is Domain Authority is calculated?
How is Domain Authority is calculated

According to Moz, Domain Authority is calculated by combining several factors, such as linking root domains and an overall number of links, into a single DA score. This score can then be used to compare websites or track a website’s “ranking strength” over time.

Let me be clear, DA is not a Google ranking factor and does not affect search engine results pages (SERPs). Most of the website owners complain about they have High DA scores but still didn’t get organic growth. Often website owners complain that they have a high Domain Authority Score, but still no organic growth.

You Don’t have to assume that connection between DA and Google. Moz and Google have strongly denied such statements on numerous occasions. On the other hand, this Moz metric has become a standard for assessing the performance of a website.

What is good domain authority?

What is good domain authority?
Good DA is nothing but you have to check how a website reaches on a scale from 1- 100, 100 score is excellent for the website just like google. If searchers want to search for anything they use google instead of other search engines. When Moz created this metric, they also released a tool for website analysis. Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool can also be used to determine DA.

To rank website domain authority, consider that:

  • The Score of DA between 40 and 50 is considered average.
  • DA of 50 and 60 must be considered good.
  • DA is rated excellent if it has a score of 60 or higher.
  • When evaluating DA, it is also critical to consider a variety of contexts.
  • If your DA score is 40 and you running is a small business website with SEO, that is a very good Score.
  • However, the requirement for big companies differs.
  • You can expect to achieve high DA values with more work and investment power.
  • If the score does not exceed 60, the evaluation is inadequate in this context.

How to increase domain authority?

The most effective way to influence the DA metric is to enhance your website’s overall SEO wellness, with an emphasis on the quality and volume of external links pointing to your site. Because it collects so much information, it can be hard to convince directly. This metric is applied to simulate how competitive a given site will be in Google search results, and because Google finds so many ranking factors that determine its rankings, a metric that attempts to estimate its determinations must include a comparable variety and complexity of factors.

8 important factors to increase website DA

how to increase website Domain Authority (DA)
1) Select an Appropriate Domain Name

Choose a domain name that is relevant to your website if you are just starting.

2) Optimize Your On-Page Content 

SEO is important for both Google search engine ranking and domain authority, so make sure to optimize all on-page code, including keywords, title tags, image alt tags, and the content itself.

3) Produce Linkable Content

To achieve high links from diverse domains, which both MozRank and MozTrust think are important, you must make high-quality content that is published every week. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely it is that another authoritative site will link to it. This means that your content must be informative, easy to read, relevant to your brand and audience, and creative

4) Strengthen your internal linking structure.

Several more websites are so interested in gaining external links that they ignore the value of internal links.

Internal links help visitors find what they’re looking for, which improves their user experience.  Don’t use links from bad sources that could end up hurting your domain authority instead of helping it.

5: Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

Mobile devices are used by a large number of online users to access the internet. If your website hasn’t yet been optimized for mobile use, you’re falling behind.

It will not only harm your mobile search engine rankings, but you will also lose a lot of visitors who will simply leave your site once they realize it is not properly displayed on their smartphone or tablet. 

6: Produce Quality Content

This can only be accomplished by producing excellent content and engaging in meaningful social media interactions with your followers and customers.

By enhancing your reputation as an authority, you will strengthen your brand’s identity, which will not only help increase traffic but also the number of external links you receive from other high-quality sources.

7: Boost Your Website’s Loading Speed

A slow loading speed can hurt your bounce rate. Most users have little patience for pages that take a lot of time to load and will abandon your website if their patience runs out.

8: Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Promoting your content on social media is a significant ranking factor.  Otherwise, your content will just sit on your site by itself.

Promote your content on all of your social media pages, and encourage your followers to like, share, or comment on it. You should also include social share buttons on your web pages

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What is Page Authority

What is Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) is created by Moz, PA is a score that predicts how well a particular page will rank on search engine result pages. Page Authority scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores reflecting a better capacity to rank. To define – every page of your website is important for your business and it should create a good authority score to gain quicker rankings in major search engines.

How to increase page authority?

Many marketers and business owners use PA scores to make comparisons on specific pages on their own and other websites. This score assists businesses in determining who they should compete against and how to improve their SEO. When deciding which sites to work with for my company Due, we always look at their page authority.

 The five of the most important steps you can take.

  • Create links to the optimized page.
  • Distribute links from pages with a high PA to those with a low PA.
  • Make certain that each page is jam-packed with valuable information.
  • Create your Domain Authority.
  • Eliminate unwanted links to your page regularly.

How to Measure: Page Authority and Domain Authority
How to measure DA and PA
Several services claim to be able to predict how well a specific page or site will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Among the most well-known are two metrics developed by the SEO experts at Moz: Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA).

PA and DA are both scores on a scale of 1 to 100 that indicate the likelihood of a strong search engine ranking for a page or site, respectively. Moz calculates PA and DA scores using proprietary algorithms (sound familiar?).

100 scores don’t guarantee to rank your page and in any case, only “famous brands” sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay will achieve high PA or DA scores. The scores are much more useful for comparing one page or site to that of a direct competitor, especially at different points in time.

Some important things to know about PA and DA:

PA & DA algorithms considered over 40+ factors. Over 40+ factors are considered by the PA and DA algorithms. One of the most important is the presence of high-quality inbound links, specifically from sites with high authority scores. Moz indexes these links using a crawler, which is similar to the web crawlers used by search engines to index sites and pages.

Because the PA and DA algorithms use machine learning, the algorithms must evolve to improve the accuracy of the scores.

The 1 to 100 scale is logarithmic, not linear; getting from 20 to 30 is easier than getting from 70 to 80.

The algorithms do not attempt to imitate Google or Bing’s search algorithms. They are (probably) similar and take into account many of the same factors, but no attempt has been made to recreate the search engines’ algorithms.


Tips for PAImprove on-page and off-page SEO regularly for long-term benefits.

  • Make a lot of external and internal links with an optimized anchor for your page. They should be built in the most natural way possible because Google detects an unnatural struggle to build them.
  • Make a lot of external and internal links with an optimized anchor for your page.
  • Determine the authority of the domain of the site you want to exchange links with before exchanging links because if the site has good authority, your page will be more likely to gain valuable quality backlinks. SEO experts, on the other hand, warned that even this should be avoided because Google detects efforts to obtain only high-quality links. They should be sourced to some large extent from websites with varying levels of authority.
  • Always keep the user’s experience on the page in mind.   The pages visited by visitors, the bounce rate, and the time spent on your page by the reader are critical criteria that must be evaluated regularly to increase the authority of your web page. It means that your efforts should be focused on providing a positive user experience on your website – this will help you rank higher than any other SEO tactic.
  • Create the highest great content possible, or, if the topic enables, content that addresses the queries that readers may have when looking for information.


DA and PA play an important role in your website Search engine optimization. A good DA and PA score builds confidence in the search engines. This means good scoring can bring quicker results in ranking after you publish an article with proper search engine methods.

If you are looking for search engine optimizations services in Mumbai – feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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How to write and manage your Blogs Effectively

If you think blog writing just creating articles and publishing to the website, then you may be missing important points as a blogger. Blog writing is vast and contains many important points that craft every paragraph of your content writing. An effective blog helps you to mark impressions on your visitor’s confidence through which they become your readers. Blog management can build many benefits which we would be discussing in this blog post.

So, while writing any piece of article for your WordPress blog or Magento blog, or Shopify blogging there are various many components to understand and consider that we would be discussing in this post, one needs to make sure that blogging or any articles you post should be readers friendly in order to create an effective mode of communication. And, for blogs to be discovered and read, some basic blog management practice must be in place. Effective blog management is a great way to make sure that all of these goals are met.

Despite the stress-free environment, creating blog content involves a significant amount of responsibility.

In this guide, we will go step by step Definition and meaning of blog, what is blog management, how to create a blog post, how to blog management helps content marketing strategy, is there any Appropriate Blog Post Frequency, and How to Manage Your Blog Effectively.

What is Blogging?

What is Blogging

Blogging describes the process of running a blog, from generating ideas to publication. It’s a platform where a professional writer or a group of writers express their views on an individual subject. It contains the required tasks to run a blog, such as writing a blog post, promoting it, and implementing link-building strategies.

What is Blog Management?

Blog management refers to the process of making sure that your content marketing aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

Creating a blog post it’s not an easy task. It includes research, ideas, finding fresh or unique topics, and keyword research. So, if the user raises the query or puts keywords to the search bar to information on google if the keywords matches, then your webpages rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Blogging is also considered a good way to keep your readers coming to your website. A blog can contain articles related to your products or services.

Before Managing a blog, you have to know how to create a blog post

01. Generate blog topic ideas

When you’re writing a blog post, whether it’s for someone else’s blog (guest posting) or your own experience that you would like to share with people, you’ll want to discuss topics that are valuable to your audience and align with their interests and your own.

02. Conduct keyword research to narrow down your topic.

Keyword research is an important part of writing a blog post. This critical SEO practice is used as a barometer to determine which terms you may be able to rank high for in specific online searches.

Keywords tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs or you can use your keywords to shape the structure of your content once you’ve chosen them.

Google those sentences to see which articles have been successful in targeting those same keywords, and then spend some time searching their content. This will provide you with ideas for what to include and how to structure your article.

Google keywords Ideas
Google keywords Ideas

03. Identify your target audience

Now that you know what you’re going to write about, you need to figure out who you’re going to write for. You have to predict who will read your blog posts that added value to your audience. 

04. Make a well-organized outline.

The important factor to learning how to write a blog post is to conduct extensive research and planning before writing the article itself. After you’ve decided on a topic and a blog format, you’ll need to create the shape for your content. Creating an outline is vital because it ensures that your article will have a solid foundation on which to build content and topics as you write your blog post.

05. Create interesting content

You can start writing the blog post once you’ve sketched it out. Remember that blog posts, like many other types of writing, typically consist of three major components: an introduction, body text, and conclusion.

06. Create an appealing headline

You’ll want a strong headline as well as strong content when writing a blog post. A good headline entices readers and improves the look of your blog, increasing the likelihood that they will click on your article in the first place.

07. Select appropriate images

Similarly, you should supplement your blog post with a few excellent images that demonstrate your main points. Your images must add value to the subject rather than acting as placeholders.

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08. Search Engine Optimization

When comes to search engine optimization, bloggers need a solid SEO strategy that includes optimizing the content both before and after you write the blog post.

09. Incorporate CTA 

A blog is intended to inform people about specific topics, but it can also be used as an important tool to motivate readers to take a specific action. Everything from subscribing to your blog to making a purchase falls under this category.

10. Advertise the finished article

Take the necessary steps to ensure that your blog post is read after you’ve written and published it. Email marketing and social media marketing are two of the most effective ways to promote your blog post and gain readers.

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What Impact Does Blog Management have on your Content Marketing Strategy?

Impact of blog management affects to Content Marketing Strategy

Now you know the blog management implies, let’s take a look at why it’s essential for your content marketing strategy.

Having a solid blog management method allows you to do the following:

01. Delegate Tasks More Effectively

When you know what needs to be done at each step in the content creation process, you’ll know exactly what to assign to the various members of your team.

02. Produce More Engaging Content

Engaging content is more organized and provides more value to your target audience. You can search for the topics that are trending in your industry and based on that create content.

03. Maintain a Reliable Posting Schedule

Making content ahead of time and adhering to a schedule allows you to maintain a more constant stream, which enables the audience to know when they should return for the next instalment.

04. Enhance your search engine optimization (SEO)

Google prefers websites that are moderately updated regularly. This is easier to achieve when you are expertly managing your blog.

Of course, these are just a few of the numerous advantages of effective blog management.

Put simply, the better organized your efforts are, it will be to keep posting to your blog in the long run.

Is There an Appropriate Blog Post Frequency?

This is a vital question that digital marketers have been debating for years.

While some promise by posting every day, there is a confirmed sweet spot for posting frequency.

Most experts believe that blogging weekly posts and 2 to 6 posts per week is the best way to increase the grip of your content. See figure (1)

Blog Post Frequency
Source: Figure 1: Posting-Frequency: 22 % of respondents said they published blog posts weekly. Only 2%d of those polled stated – blogs should be published daily.

If you’re looking for a professional content marketing agency you can contact Nice SEO Agency. It includes creating blog posts, enhancing articles, scripting for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific social media platforms, such as creating tweets for Twitter, posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, or text posts on Reddit.

Contact us

Last but not least

How to Manage Your Blog Effectively?

1) Overarching Blogging Objectives

The first aspect of managing a blog is your blogging objectives to take into account when deciding how frequently to post content is your overall blogging goals in the first place.

It should be the key driver to why you’re posting new content in the first spot.

• Enhance your SERP traction for a specific set of keywords?

•  SEO is a high priority for you?

• What about brand awareness or industry influence and power?

Having new posts with a lot of quality information can help you establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

With these considerations in mind, you can quickly predict whether it is necessary to post more or less frequently depending on your ultimate goals.

2) Movement of Industry

Deciding how frequently to blog, you should also consider industry movement.

This refers to how frequently things change in your specific niche.

If you work in an industry where fresh ideas and resources are continuously being released, you should add more posts.

3) Content Creation Resources Available

When making a decision infrequently blog on your website, you should also take into account your available resources and information.

However, if content writing isn’t your skill or you spend so much time on research about the topics, you will not complete the content on time. 

You have the option, you should hire a professional content marketer or an agency like us, it provides services such as content marketing, SEO, SEM, and more. 

It will help to work fast and effectively, and you can post a fresh or unique blog post to your website.

4) What Your Audience Requires

Still, you’re confused about how frequently you should update your blog if you see figure 1 above you will know the idea of frequently posting. and consider your target audience’s requirements. 

5) Editorial Calendar 

Editorial Calendar

Creating an editorial calendar should be part of blog management. If you don’t know the term, an editorial calendar is planned for topics and contents, as well as when and where they’ll be posted. 

What should be included in an editorial calendar? Topics that discuss your relevant keywords research should be attractive to a large number of people conducting related keyword searches. Simultaneously, you should seek out topics with relatively low search term keywords

6) Image Creation or Sourcing

Even the most enchanting blog copy requires images to be visually appealing. We, as human people, prefer a colourful world. And, without saying a single word, images can convey a lot of meaning. Suggest using a free photography and image site to add images. However, you must make sure the license allows for the republishing of the image. Do you want to make something? Consider using an image editor such as Canva or via photoshop. Mostly you can find free images tools, while others are paid tools.

7) Scheduling and Publication

You can’t be everywhere at once, as the saying goes. This provides the ability to blog post your content at the appropriate time of day, which is especially important when dealing with multiple time zones. Luckily, a few website builders and content managers allow you to postpone your posting. If you use WordPress or Shopify, you can choose whether to post immediately or later. After everything has been added to the post, this decision is made. Other applications manage the different ways.

8) Promotion on Social Media

Social media is a simple way to promote your content. While everyone has the ability there are other options. Facebook author page, which allows people to follow your content without disclosing sensitive information. Another option is to use paid social media. Like Facebook or Instagram ads.   Each network allows you to buy ads in people’s feeds, which are typically displayed to people based on keywords. Web cookies also play a role in determining what people see. Eventually, motivate others to link to your content and direct traffic to your website.


Managing a blog post is not easy, you should have to incorporate the above points effectively. Also, you should know what’s your audience likes and dislike. Create engaging content for the audience to get the right information through your website. Use creative and reasonable images for readers.

Most people think blogging is simple, the harsh truth is that there are several steps required to achieve success.

We have included the blog management tips in this post are a great way to stay on the right track

Our writing approach for content marketing is very simple but very unique to make sure every piece of article is ranked well on major search engines. With over 100 verified factors within Google’s search algorithm, most agencies will rely on old tactics that no longer work, or guess with new tactics that they hope will stick.

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SEO and SEM | Difference Between SEO and SEM – Nice SEO Services

SEO vs SEM | Difference between SEO and SEM – Nice Seo Services

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