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7 Advantages of Google Advertising

7 Advantages of Google Advertising. Since we have covered loads of posts on word press, search engine optimization (SEO) and other website development part on this website. Thought to cover a topic on Google Advertising and its benefits for a business.

Google advertising is a method where you can advertise your products and services through Google Adwords. Advertising always comes with many benefits for any business. But implementing a proper Adwords plan is important to acquire quicker returns.

Google Advertising through AdWords serves advertisements to a particular target audience through the web. Any company advertise for different goals and aims such as branding marketing increasing sales or promoting new products etc.

Compare to the traditional method of advertisements such as newspaper or television where your product is shown to everyone including non-segmented customers. Google ads on other hand benefit you to target a specific group of people who are showing interest in a similar product from another website.

Therefore in a nutshell Google AdWords or pay per click provides you with loads of opportunities that target ideal customers with goals you set. In this post, we will understand how google ads help your business with various benefits.

7 Benefits and advantages of Google Ads:

1. Brand awareness

Brand Awareness

Traditional advertisements such as newspapers, billboards, radio, and TV advertisements build the brand through impaired methods. This means even if you don’t want to create brand awareness for a certain group of people with traditional ads you don’t have any choice. With Google ads or PPC campaigns, you have a complete handover on how and where you want to promote your brands.

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For example, you can use the Google display network if you want to create a brand on another website. You can easily select a group of people via demographics such as age gender country-specific. Therefore you have control over your budgets while you create branding for target groups. Branding or creating brand awareness is one of the most well know benefits of Google AdWords.

2. Quick Results

Compare to traditional ads where you have to wait for weeks or days to understand the effectiveness of your campaign. Google ads provide you with quicker results instantly. You can bid on particular keywords to rank higher. Another benefit is you can set daily budgets or bid adjustments. You can check your ad’s click-through rate live to rectify the reach of your ads.
Quick results such as the number of clicks, visitors, leads generated, sales done, and enquiries made can be checked in real-time. This allows you to understand which campaign is running and which is not.

3. Top Results
We have covered topics on Search engine optimizations where your website can go on top after certain SEO methods. But SEO can take time and Google algorithm changes overnight that can affect your SEO rankings. Further your competitors are also working on SEO to rank top with certain keywords.

Therefore being on top result every time is not possible through SEO until you have a Nice SEO team who handles your rankings every day.

Google ads help you to outrank all your competitors’ websites for particular keywords. This means if you want to be on top results you can use the highest bids outclassing the contender’s advertisements. Based on keywords the bid range can be very high or medium.

4. Increases Visibility:
Compare to other methods of advertisements where the unnecessary audience is also getting targeted. Google Adwords help you to increase ad visibility with a quality audience who are more likely to buy your product or be interested in a similar product.

You can select the group of people in demographics and geolocation to target. Further, you have the benefit of increasing visibility in a certain location only.

5. Audiences Specific

Google ads help you to filter your ad’s visibility based on age, gender, parental status, behaviour, interests, and so forth. With this method, you can clear your objective and plan which audience-specific ads should be shown on which keywords.

Example: If you are selling a house in India (Mumbai – Thane) region. Then you can select your targeting such as – Age between 30-50+ age audience, Behaviour such as businessman, officials, working professionals or interest such as buying land in Mumbai, flats in thane region, upcoming new projects near Mumbai etc. with many other factors such as bidding strategy, location, placements and so on.

6. Remarketing:
Remarketing is another benefit of Google Ads. Remarketing is one of the well-established truths today that impacts clients to cruise through the business channel. Remarketing ads can be changed according to clients’ site use. Remarketing feature of google ads helps you to customize your display ads campaign for visitors who already checked your website previously. With dynamic remarketing, the existing visitor can tailor your ads.

7. Audience Reach:
Audience reach with Google ads is broader compared to other methods of ads. You can select the exact keywords to which you would like to serve the promotion. AdWords reports also help you to use expansive match keywords incisively. With this, you widen your search inquiry for clients who have visited your site with the certainty that their search around your products and services.

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