5 Mistakes to avoid while uploading images to websites

The image plays an important role in SEO which has been ignored by many. The image actually builds an image of your website in optimizing the web pages. No one is ready today to readjust the boring content even if you have covered the best details in your content. Therefore, never forget to post images on your website pages when developing a solid marketing strategy. We cannot deny the importance of images at the moment. According to statistics, articles with photos receive significantly more views than those without images.

Without a doubt, images are visually appealing and add a splash of color to your website. In this article, we’ll go over 5 common mistakes to avoid when uploading images to websites?

1: Reduce the size of the image

The majority of visitors do not wait more than 3 seconds for the images to load on their laptop or desktop computers. When using their mobile phones, they do not wait more than 5 seconds. As a result, if your images take more than 5 seconds to load on these devices, you may lose a lot of potential customers.

How much image size need to upload on the website?


So, you must reduce the size of the images to a maximum of 700KB. Images will load much faster as a result, regardless of the device being used. There are plugins available on various CMS that help you to reduce the image size with intact quality with graphics.

2: Change the files name

Make no mistake about the significance of renaming your files. Using the default name for your images is not a good idea. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, you may want to include your primary keywords in the names of the photos. Aside from that, for proper optimization, you should write a description and include your primary keywords.

Search engine crawlers will not index your images in the database if you do not follow this practice. Image name should be related to what the image is speaking. For example: If you are showing MI television and you named it “TV” is a very generic name instead if you add the image name as “MI 42 inch television” this gives more specification to the image.

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3: Include descriptions

Include Description

Don’t forget to think about the alt tags, just like you would with photos. They are primarily text-based alternatives to photos. If you want your website to rank higher in search engines, include an informative description. For all photos, the description should be in English. Also, don’t overdo it with keywords or phrases, as this will harm your search engine rankings.

Need your website rank on top? Hire Nice SEO services, we offer you Search engine optimization that improves your site rankings and visibility thereby increasing the number of inbound inquiries. Our SEO optimization process is up-to-date concerning updated algorithm changes. When your website is visible to your prospective customers it is more likely to gain more attention thereby enhancing the marketing and branding of your products and services.

4: Use the appropriate file extension.

Make certain that your website contains the appropriate image files. You can now create images in a variety of formats to meet your specific requirements. However, the most common extensions these days are PNG, JPG and JPEG, and PNG. If you want your photos to retain their quality no matter how many times you edit and save them, PNG is the way to go.

5: Avoid using distorted images.

Another common issue that you may encounter when editing images is image distortion. Check that your images aren’t stretched. You should always work with the original version of the photos you want to use. In Photoshop, you can use the preview feature to compare different versions of a photo.

“Hire a Photoshop team for image and photo management, We offer you various image handling services such as image editing, retouching, creating image compositions, website mockups, and adding effects. changes, designing, etc. Whether you require e-commerce product picture editing, photo restoration, or photo montage, we can help”.

About Nice SEO Services

Nice SEO services provide you with search engine optimizations services in Mumbai – India and worldwide. We provide efficiency and value at affordable pricing. Each SEO professional focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals faster. Our team also offer image resizing and photoshop task such as image background changes and so on…

Read more about Photo Editing Services by Nice SEO services


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Best Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

In this guide, we will discuss the best ways to increase your website traffic. Website traffic is one of the most important processes of Search engine optimizations or Search engine marketing. Website traffic plays an important role to gain Search engine page rankings (SERPs). Before we go into detail about the best ways to improve your website traffic let’s began with the main process of Search engine optimization.

Note: The information in this guide requires a proper strategy to be placed based on product services and many other factors. Although these guidelines can make it easier for you to understand what are the sources of traffic through which you can enhance your SERPs

Free Search Engine Optimization methods:

SEO also called Search engine optimization is usually about making small alterations to elements of your business website. Sometimes these adjustments can be minor or major based on how well you have kept your website. SEO requires a proper mix of strategies that gain high benefits in the long run.

Before starting any optimization methods one of the important areas to take care of is understanding what benefits your website will provide to the customers. A proper audit of your website can ensure your web pages are discovered by search engines.

1) Keywords

There are various keywords you can target to increase your website traffic. Many keywords can be competitive and highly searched some of them are searched lesser and the competition is also very low. You need to understand what kind of products you are selling and which keywords you would be targeting in the initial SEO strategy to increase the traffic. With the help of expert writers, the content of your website will be rewritten based on keywords.

2) Getting Social

Social media marketing or sharing posts on various platforms boost your visitors. There are many websites where you can regularly post your content to gain more followers and visitors to your website. These social media website also offers you paid promotion and advertising if you would like to invest some budget with your target customers.

3) Mix content

Content isn’t just written ups or blogging. You can mix your content strategy by adding various materials such as case studies videos infographics etc. This way your website will be more appealing and influential. Mixed content also helps you to build inter-linking of web pages with related content.

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4) Powerful Headlines

Headlines of your article are one the essential elements. If your headlines are not powerful enough to gain the attention you may miss the visitors. There are various ways through which you can make your headlines appealing such as being ultra-specific with the headlines creating a sense of urgency using interesting adjectives and so on.

5) On-Page SEO focus

Content is king. Optimizing your old pages with new information related to your industry is important so that the visitor gets insights into the latest information. Optimizing the web pages from every corner is necessary to gain more rankings and visitors. For example: optimizing your content keywords images description links etc.

Do read: On-Page vs Off-Page vs Technical SEO

6) Targetting Long-Tail Keywords

There are two types of keywords – Short tail and Longtail. Example: “SEO” or “search engine optimization” which is a short tail keyword. Whereas “SEO company in Mumbai” or “Best SEO company in India” Many times short-tail keywords are more competitive and largely surfed by the users compare to long-tail keywords which are lower in competition. Therefore including long-tail keywords can help you to gain more traffic.

7) Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another way to gain more traffic to your website. Acquiring a good website also helps you to improve your branding and website links. Check out the list of websites where your article can add value to other websites. Email them for guest blogging with topics you can cover. Once the approval is done you can gain more visitors.

8) Inviting guest bloggers

Blogging on other websites is one method whereas inviting other guest bloggers to your website will help you in gaining more content. You, visitors, get some new piece of information which you may be missing.

9) Generating good backlinks

Other websites can create backlinks to yours. There are “follow” and “no-follow” websites from where you can generate backlinks. There are various methods to generate backlinks such as commenting on guest postings forums posts etc.

10) Internal linking

Backlinking is building your website link to another related website. Whereas internal linking is somewhat people misses. Internal linking or inter-linking helps you to keep your visitors on your website for a long time. This reduces the bounce rate and also helps visitors to surf other related and helpful content.

Apart from the above, many marketing methods can be used to increase your website some of them including conferences webinars etc. Growing your website traffic is a must to create value for your domain. Lower traffic websites not only rank last but also don’t build confidence.

About us

Nice SEO services provide you with search engine optimization services in Mumbai – India and worldwide. We provide efficiency and value at affordable pricing. Each SEO professional focuses on strategic implementations to help you achieve your goals faster.


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10 Secrets – while choosing best web development company

In today’s competitive world, every business has a website whether it’s small size or MNC. Because there are so many website developers to choose from, it can be hard to select the correct one. There are 10 Secrets reasons to select the best web development company

1) The Expected Results:

The first thing that comes to mind is what you want the website to do for the organization, i.e. your unique needs and requirements, as well as the main goal. This helps in improved framing and design for more successful results.

2) The Market Study:


A good market survey for the most feasible website development firm delivering the best solutions in a cost and time-effective manner without compromising quality is also noteworthy.

3) Presence on Social Media

The presence of Social MediaA reputable web development business will be present on social media. Most developers have their own Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook sites. Most web developers now have a strong social media presence. As a result, they are expanding at a rapid pace. As a result, you may wish to deal with a service provider who has a social media presence.

4) Portfolio

PortfolioBefore you hire an agency, be sure to look through their portfolio. Nowadays, most individuals conduct internet searches on their cell phones. As a result, considering their portfolio is a simple technique to select a reputable organization.  Their websites must be mobile-friendly on primary devices such as tablets, desktop PCs, and smartphones. If their websites do not open properly on mobile devices, you should consider switching to a different provider.

5) Understanding of Web Technology

Understanding of Web TechnologyConsider the technologies that a provider uses for web development before selecting one. Know that if they do not employ cutting-edge technology, they may not be able to develop the ideal website for you. So, don’t underestimate the value of expertise when it comes to creating a website that will attract a large number of visitors.

6) Expertise in Internet Marketing

Your company’s website serves as its public face. It is much more than a marketing tool because it assists in converting casual visitors into prospective clients. As a result, ensure that your site developer is well-versed in internet marketing. After all, every business must follow the principles of internet marketing.

7) Hosting Services Provider

When looking for a reliable web developer, find out whether they provide web hosting. If they do not, they will be unable to provide web hosting for your organization. It’s not a problem if you currently use a reputable web hosting service.

8) Check the Official Website

Check to see whether the web developer has a visually attractive website. Their website must be designed under web development and design guidelines. The website must adhere to digital marketing guidelines. There is no danger in employing the service provider if they do.

9) Interaction

A good service provider understands how to interact with their valued customers. You should contact the company’s prior clientele if at all possible. You should ask them questions to find out if they were satisfied with the provider’s services. If the supplier conducts properly, it’s a hint that you’ll be able to deal with them while also receiving decent services.

10 Problem-Solving Ability

Whether you want to go with the top company, see if they can handle your concerns.

Conclusion – 

In conclusion, if you follow the advice in this post, you will be able to choose the finest web development service provider for your needs. I hope this was helpful.


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Hiring Web Design Company – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

A web design company provides you with many benefits. Today website is a must for all sorts of businesses. Even if you have a local business, you must have a website. As soon as your website is live, you should engage a web designer to ensure that it functions properly. Make certain that you select the services of a reputable vendor. Any online business requires a website apart from the brick and mortar store. Web design companies are hired prior to going live so that the design of the website is ready and in some cases, if you are having an existing website you can even select web designers to create additional functionalities to the web pages.

In order to ensure your website create a powerful impression on the visitors a reliable and experienced professional company can help you to succeed. Although while hiring a web design company there may be certain mistakes that need to be avoided in order to ensure you stay away from common pitfalls during the designing and development stages.

Mistakes you can avoid while hiring a web design company.

1 Do Not Hire a Low-Cost Company

Do Not Hire a Low-Cost Company

Although most start-ups are on a tight budget, you cannot sacrifice your website design. You cannot afford to have a low-cost design if you are running a business. The issue is that low-cost website designs are riddled with errors, and sites take forever to load. As a result, if you want to add a lot of features to your site, you need to engage a professional designer. So, when looking for good service, we recommend you to do your research.

At  Nice, SEO services offer exceptional website development services that can range from concept to research, planning, design, programming, data migration, and testing. We provide unique development services to start-ups, as well as small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

We include eye-catching themes, modules, and plugins to make your website aesthetically attractive and spectacular. We believe in adopting themes that may help your brand establish a favourable image and capture the attention of as many customers as possible.

Do read https://niceseoservices.com/5-questions-you-need-to-ask-before-hiring-wordpress-developer/

2 Avoid Overpaying

Avoid Overpaying

Ascertain that you have an appropriate budget in place. After all, your company is fresh, and you don’t need a $40,000 or $80,000 website to get started. In reality, some providers boost their charges to make a good impression on their potential customers. Just because a developer is costly does not indicate that they deliver excellent service. In some instances, the inverse is true. When choosing a web design company, it is not a good idea to go over budget.

3 Do not neglect the portfolio of the web design company.

People frequently made the mistake of failing to review the web design firm’s portfolio. You cannot make your judgment just on the portfolio pictures. What you should do is, visit the websites’ URLs and look at the actual pages. This will give you a decent understanding of the site’s features and operation. So, before making a selection, conduct your research and properly review the websites. Aside from that, you should look at the testimonies.

4 Don’t forget to do your homework about the company.

Don’t forget to do your homework about the company.

Don’t make the same mistake of neglecting the qualifications of the web design firms you’re thinking about hiring. You might wish to perform some internet research for this reason. You may learn a lot about the provider’s past by completing a background check. Users leave a lot of favourable feedback for legitimate services. You should learn more about the supplier.

5 Avoid looking for Highly specialized Companies.

It is not a good idea to look for highly specialised firms. Although it may appear to be a good idea at the time, it may turn out to be a bad one later on. For the majority of their clients, most web designers build duplicate copies of the same site design. This is not a good idea because you want your website to stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion – 

If you want to hire a professional web designer, avoid committing these five mistakes. These 5 points will assist you in making an accurate selection. We recommend that you search for a professional web design company in India. If you are looking for a good website designing company in India you can connect with us at [email protected] We offer WordPress and Shopify development with search engine optimizations and other digital marketing activities.

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Why Hire Shopify developer for your eCommerce

Hire a Shopify developer for your eCommerce business. Today eCommerce is one of the booming business days in some or the other way as it is achieving high milestones. The last two years 2020 and 2021 have been considered as table-turners for the economy due to the covid situation. It was also hard to time to check various products to buy offline due to the lockdown situation in various countries. Many initiated small businesses through WhatsApp Instagram or through social interaction. Even people preferred buying stuff online instead of going to the local store.

The situation gave spike in online stores and Shopify experts in India or worldwide attracted many. Due to the pandemic, many small businesses started their online stores through Shopify. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows you to set up an online store to sell products and services. You can also use Shopify POS if you have a physical store. Shopify was established 10 years back and today it is one of the leading eCommerce platforms for every size of business.

Shopify website development is basically Software as a service (SaaS) e-commerce platform based in the cloud. Shopify is the best platform that provides you with web templates, backend plugins, databases, and functions where you can create your own website easily with customizations. Shopify website solution requires no coding or any knowledge of CSS. With Software as a service platform, you don’t even need to worry about web hosting or web designing.

With Shopify, you don’t even need to open & close the shutter of your shop or business just like a local store. Your business remains open 24/7 which is one of the best points. Let’s understand the importance of Shopify development in India.

Shopify today is considered one of the widely used eCommerce platforms around the globe. There are many benefits that business owners gain by implementing Shopify stores for their products. You can promote your products all over the world by creating a website through Shopify Experts.

Advantages of  hiring a Shopify Developer 

Assured development

When you hire a Shopify developer for your business. They ensure your requirements are met through development and customization. With an expert Shopify developer, you get the maximum advantage to get the best Shopify website. Developers understand all your requirements and come up with solutions that will help you to grow in the market.



Shopify developer helps you to complete your project on time. Timelines are properly defined and all the delegation of work is done in an improvised manner. In this way, you can complete the website development quickly and make sure go live quickly.



Every business focuses on business expansion and growth. A smooth launch of a website by a good Shopify company helps you to concentrate on other factors of your business. This way you can prioritize your work and manage each task at the best level.



Website is considered your brand. If you want to make your brand popular Shopify company helps you to focus on various website aspects such as theme user interface payment gateways and so on. The guidance of the project manager and developer helps you to go live with your website including functions that will be helpful for your customers.

Nice SEO Services:

Nice SEO Services understands your business and provides you with Shopify developers from India. Our team of developers ensure that you have the best Shopify store that helps you to grow your business. For more information email – [email protected]


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How to Boost the Website Traffic from the Internet?

Many businesses find it difficult to come up with new and creative ways to boost website traffic. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to get more visitors, which can lead to you repeating the same old strategies and expecting different results.

Here are 7 tried-and-true methods for increasing website traffic.

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Include relevant keywords in your text at all times. Keywords should be utilized organically, rather than adding unnecessary keywords or low competitive keywords – Keyword research will help you to understand how the flow of your article will be. Keywords should be used throughout the content, such as the meta description, page title, URL, headers, and a few times throughout the text.

Keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Moz and Ahrefs, can be used. These sites display what keywords rivals are using, how frequently people search for keywords, how costly the term is for pay-per-click advertisements, similar keywords, and a wealth of other useful information to help guide keyword strategy. Hiring an SEO service is another option, as they can provide useful insights and do audits to uncover issues that may be blocking your site from appearing in search engines.

2. Brief article on Marketing

Once you complete keyword research you have a complete understanding of what people search for. Based on this you can start creating the content for your website visitors. This will surely increase your targeted internet site web traffic. A high competitive keyword will take time to rank whereas; long-tail keywords can be easily targeted to the audience.

You can also promote your articles in a variety of ways, including:
a) Send them to websites that have a blog post directory.
b) Make use of a quick article input option, such as sharing or brief write-up internet marketer.
c) Make use of a semi-automated post submission tool, such as Article Submitter Pro or Instant Article Submitter.
d) Exchange your content with other internet developers directly.

3. Blog writing

blog writing

Consistently publishing a basic useful online article to a personal blog site will also help you to boost your targeted website web traffic. The blog entries you publish on your page might create backlinks from other websites. These backlinks help you to gain more traffic and Google’s Page Ranking.

4. Increase Website Traffic by Paid Advertising

Paid search, social networking, and display advertisements may all be effective ways to enhance website traffic. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages — for example, users can block display advertising and the average cost per click for Google Ads on the search network is between $1 and $2 per click — so it’s critical to define budgets and goals before putting a lot of money into it.

For example, when running pay per click (PPC) advertising, it’s crucial to start with one campaign and a few distinct ad groups that contain the terms you want to target the most. Once campaigns have begun, observe how audiences respond to specific terms.

5. Connecting

Look for comparable but non-competing websites with whom you might exchange connections. Numerous websites have automatic linking software packages that will surely hunt for backlinks and then promptly add you. As a result, linking with like websites will undoubtedly increase the traffic to your chosen website.

6. Participate in Q&A sites such as Quora.

participating on Quora

Question and answer style websites have grown dramatically in recent years. There are now more than 50+ websites that use the Q&A style. Quora is the most well-known. Because of the ease of use of a Q&A site, more website owners are seeding their brand on the Q&A site and driving their readers to their website. Users will ask questions, and others will attempt to respond.

Here are two innovative strategies to increase traffic to your website by utilizing Q&A sites:

a. Q&A that will stimulate the interest of your intended audience.

Find relevant questions that your target audience may have or be interested in getting the answers to. Try to offer interesting and noteworthy responses, and then include a link to your website as a proposed solution.

b. Submit your inquiry anonymously:

Another method is to ask a question anonymously and then answer it by seeding your material with your public account.

7. Maintain Social Media Pages

Maintain social Media Page

The importance of social media in drawing visitors cannot be overstated. Here are some examples of how it might be utilized to enhance website traffic:

a. Share content (blogs, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos, and so on) throughout your social media channels.

b. Respond to followers, repost their material, and tag them in your posts.

c.Make use of relevant hashtags.

d. When new content is released, edit the link in your bio (Instagram) to promote it.

e. To promote fresh material, change the cover photo. Tag influencers who could be interested in the content.

e. Include interesting content material to entice users to click the link to it.

f. Respond to those who are seeking solutions by giving links to your work.

About Nice SEO Services

Nice SEO services provide you with complete online marketing and digital marketing services for your website including Search engine optimizations, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building, Content Marketing overall everything. We also offer website development services such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. We ensure every product and service you offer is understood by our team to prepare a powerful strategy.

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