5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring WordPress Developer

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WordPress is the greatest and most popular CMS or platform for website building, powering over 34% of all active websites on the internet. However, given a large number of WordPress-powered websites, creating a powerful, fully functional, and well-designed WordPress website is not for everyone. It is not necessary to have a skillset and deep understanding of CMS and its capabilities but also knowledge and understanding of other related computer languages and technological stacks such as HTML, PHP, javaScript, CSS, and MySQL. Aside from that, the developer should have abilities such as creating a responsive UI, optimization skills, Photoshop knowledge, etc.

So, you decided to build your website on wordpress. That nice! You’re on the right track. WordPress is the platform that enables you to create a website from simple to complex without any difficulties. Wait, this is not the end, the thriller starts from here. There is 6 question you need to ask before hiring a dedicated wordpress developer.

Here are some questions you may ask to help you choose the best WordPress developer for your next project.

WordPress Question 1

How much experience do you have in WordPress?

This question is basic! you need to ask developers when you hire. The fact that building the WordPress website is not rocket science for web developers, it’s a relatively easy to manage and easy to use platform. The most important part is how much developers have deep knowledge about the features, extensions, plugins, themes and all elements of wordpress to ensure an ROI drove and high performing website making the best use of the Content management system (CMS).

As a result, it is critical to seek a developer with suitable experience and competence in WordPress development. Consider hiring someone who has worked with WordPress for several years. You may also go through the developer’s portfolio to get an idea of the sorts of websites he or she has previously produced and the quality of work he or she maintains and produces.

WordPress Question 2
Do you make your website designs or utilize pre-made WordPress themes?

An important question, the question is a slightly technical but important one. In wordpress, there are in-built themes that are accessed easily to the design part and create faster UI (user interference). The ready-made themes are easily customized depending on the project criteria, which is simple.

However, when selecting a WordPress developer, you cannot only count on someone who understands how to use and customize the pre-installed themes. The experts must also create new themes from scratch as per the project criteria. Though this may take extra time, it is necessary because ready-made themes may not always perfectly meet the company requirements.

Creating new themes from the ashes of the old based on the needs of the business may also provide a more personalized touch to the overall look of the website. Building responsive UI design is crucial, and you should inquire about it while discussing website design. The responsive design delivers a consistent and unified customer experience and provides the same look and feel regardless of the device the customer or visitor is using.

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WordPress Question 3

Do you have any experience in customizing WordPress plugins?

The WordPress site has a variety of handy plugins that may be downloaded and utilized to create a more efficient, effective, and speedier website. However, selecting the appropriate plugins based on the project criteria is critical. Here are reasons why you need a developer who is familiar with these plugins and can ensure that they are customized and used correctly according to your demands.


How about website maintenance? Do you offer post-development services?

To keep up to date with the newest function & features. The website requires frequent updates and regular maintenance. A reputable and skilled WordPress developer will undoubtedly give post-development and website maintenance services, as WordPress is always being upgraded and updated with new and sophisticated features. So, before hiring a developer, inquire about it.

 Question 5

Do you look after the SEO and security of WordPress?

Making the website SEO-friendly it’s critical for increasing the website’s rating on the SERPs. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, a developer may still need to execute some fundamental SEO practices to optimize the website, such as cleaning the permalinks, correctly utilizing the header tags, image alt attributes, no canonicalisation issues, and so on.

This makes it more important to seek out an experienced specialist with hands-on experience optimizing WordPress websites utilizing optimal SEO methods and knowing marketing strategy.

Customers and site visitors, as well as company owners, are always concerned about security. When it comes to website security, developers must take extra precautions. WordPress is mostly used to create eCommerce websites, and one of the most important parts of an eCommerce site’s security is that it involves online payments, the storing of sensitive client information, banking information, and other valuable corporate data.

As a result, it is critical to use the correct WordPress security measures to make the website 100 per cent safe and defend it from any external threats and hackers.

Before hiring a WordPress developer, ask all of the above questions. It is critical to have satisfactory replies from the developers to all of the following queries. The developer must understand your project needs, have the necessary expertise and experience, be able to make the greatest use of the CMS for your website development, and provide website maintenance services.

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