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We are a Professional SEO Company Located in India, Mumbai – #MiraRoad  we offer you the best Search engine optimization Services. Our Consultants use the best methods & techniques to rank at the top page of search results. Our team is completely honed with google algorithm changes that products time-tested strategies and techniques with exceptional results.

Our Company helps you from the Site audit to ranking results. As the best SEO services provider in India staying with the cutting edge of the ever-changing world of online marketing. Our mission is to provide our clients with an increase in website page reach, visibility, and organic search rankings on search engines Google and Yahoo.

Working closely with clients to identify target audiences enables us to create and implement effective strategies to meet or exceed their goals.

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Average Visit Duration - Increase
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Professional SEO Company For Your Business

There are many SEO companies in India who promise you with guaranteed rankings even without understanding your website and your online marketing goals. We follow different methodologies for different companies based on the products and services they offer. The fact is Search engine optimization is not "one package for all". To improvise rankings vendor should understand what you are selling the buying behaviour and pattern of the consumers. the way they search on internet. After which a proper strategy for optimization is crafted.
  • Step 1. Understanding your Company - For Search Engine Optimizations it is important to understand your company and the products you are selling. based on which a tailored strategy is adopted.
  • Step 2. Website Audit - You might be using an existing vendor to optimize your website or have not touched the optimization part until now. Therefore We do complete research on your current website and where it stands on Rankings. 
  • Step 3. Competitors Analysis - This is one of the key areas to understand what your competitor is doing with respect to online marketing. It also help us to strategize goal and plans for optimizations for greater visibilities of your products and services.
  • Step 4. Improvements - Optimization cannot be achieved overnight therefore a constant improvements in various activities is necessary to ensure the website pages are optimized and up-to-date.

Our SEO Mix & Methodologies

competitor analysis in seo in india
Competitors Analysis
We identify the Keywords analysis, Keywords Gap, Content analysis and backlink analysis in order to create great content for the website.
website audit in SEO and optimizations
Website & Keywords Audit
Website audits are one of the best methods and an important steps for optimizationsto improve the website’s efficiency and visibility. Audits boost search rankings.
product understanding in SEO
Product Understanding
To ensure a right track for optimizing website pages - It is important to know proper products and services you are offering to the clients.
local seo company
SEO Strategy Development
Once the competitive analysis is done We initiate creating Online Strategies based on the products services keywords competitors location geo-location.
Content marketing & writing services in mumbai - India for websites
Content Understanding
As per current website content new content development or reaudit is important to ensure the pages are optimized in search engines.
technical Audit
SEO Proposal & Approval
A complete proposal is provided to the client with list of goals we would be working on each day including the timelines for the project in order to have control.
up to date reporting on SEO activities - Mumbai india
Nice Keywords Analysis
Keyword analysis such as long tail and short tail keywords or user research intent keywords, help us to assist what kind of organic visitors to target.
link building in seo mumbai india company
Start of the Project
After the proposal is approved. We allocate the resources who would be handling different areas of Optimization to ensure the whole team is working on the same goal

Enhance Website with professional Optimization Services in India

We offer On-page and off-page Search engine enhancement for your business. On-page consists of activities such as enhancing the content with proper keywords content management images enhancement website speed, etc. These factors ensure proper rankings of your website.
Nice SEO Services Website Performance

Online Marketing Mix that skyrocket your Traffic.

There are various methods and areas we cover while working on any SEO projects in India or for any other clients across the globe. Our list of task is dependent on the goals you set for our company. As similar to marketing mix there is SEO mix which needs to be followed in order to achieve high level results.
seo services in mumbai - best agency for India
On-Page Optimization
On page simply refers to methods that require your website backend. It consist of analysis of each and every website page you currently have and the respective page rankings. Through this we enhance the content, re-audit new content, remove of Old content, image creation, and heading enhancement, do keyword research etc. On-page methods and time lines differ based on the pages you would like to rank well.
technical Audit
Technical Audit
Audit of your website is a process to analyze how well your web presence relates to best practices – it is the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. The purpose of the audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. Technical issues, Website structure, and other user interface issues are cleared.
Off-page refers to all of the activities that take place outside of your website in order to improve its ranking. Off-page enhancement methods include link building, social media management, PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, local listings, forum postings, and influencer marketing based on the products and services
technical Audit
Reporting & Analysis
Search engine marketing is a not performed overnight. It requires time for nurturing and proper methods to be followed while investing. Data understanding is a crucial part for any website enhancements. We love to share data and analysis of what we performed and achieve with optimization activities. We ensure monthly reporting on visibility, analytics, conversions etc.
penalty recovery in seo
Penalty Recovery
Penalty recovery can be very painful for website if your web pages are penalized by Google or any other search engines. We have plenty of experience in ensuring your website is neat and clean from Google perspective. We review and remove bad links bad links from your website or ensure all links are clean. If you have received a warning through Google Webmaster Tools, you can be certain your website has been hit with a penalty.
technical SEO
Technical SEO
A proper tuned website technically always performed well in results. A good vendor will always follow technical auditing and SEO of your website to identify various bottlenecks such as speed, page loading speed, broken links or pages, mobile friendliness, image sizing and so on.. The correction in website from technical point of view is important to gain more visibility and speed on loading of pages.
website and keyword analysis
Website and Keyword Analysis
Website analysis is done to understand the internal and external (competitive analysis) forces. This analysis provides us to understand your key competitors and what strategies they are following. Also, keyword Research helps you to understand which are the low competition or high competition keywords based on your industry.
International SEO
If you consider the globe as your market the we have solution to it. We ensure county specific and language specific keywords are optimized in your website so that you gain rankings internationally. Our International SEO method also include handling off page optimizations such as directory services, Link building, forums postings and so on…
Javed Khan
The team provided me with a powerful website development and optimizations plan as my business was new for online world.
Javed Khan
Co Founder -
We Worked With Nice SEO Services For On-page Optimization and they are really helpful to give us proper marketing plan by understanding our product first, based on which they created the SEO Straegy. They Will continue to upgrade regarding progress of the work. Very Professional work they provided for my e- commerce website. Highly Recommended!
Sajid offers us with best methods towards increasing our rankings for the website. He developed a great strategy to ensure proper rankings of keywords and Content Marketing.
Abraar B.

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