Common SEO Mistakes you can avoid from Today

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SEO mistakes and errors can be common if not properly followed updated algorithm changes. Search engine optimization is a continuous process where one needs to improvise as search engines come up with updates on Algorithm and principles. Many a time business owners who implement SEO strategy don’t keep themselves abreast and these mistakes can break the rankings at a huge level after new algorithm changes.

I still remember those days when keywords stuffing were common in order to enhance the website page rank but today it is one of the negative factors for search engines. Similarly many use to avoid alt tags on images but today it has become one of the important factors as images search is one of the important factors to rank your website.

In this article we will discuss what are the most common SEO mistakes company do and how you can start avoiding or correcting it from today to gain higher results.

Mistake No 1: Avoiding SEO Goals

Any marketing activity consists of certain goals which an organization would like to achieve. Let’s take an example of Airline Company who advertises heavily before the holiday season starts because the ultimate goal is to sell tickets before the holiday season starts. Similarly if an Airline starts advertising during the holiday season; the target audience may have purchased tickets from the competitors. If we see here there are goals tied with each activity company perform. The same thing one needs to focus while creating any plan for Search engine optimization
Defining goals can be many – website visitor’s increment page views certain page rankings reduction in bounce rates social media likes or followers more in-bound links lead generation and so on….

There are certain instances where you just have a great traffic and content but the conversion rate is lower. Once you define goals for your Search engine activity it becomes easy for you to carry with the list of task to perform and achieve those goals.

Mistake No 2: Not researching on Keywords

Keywords play an important for any piece of content you write for your website. Be it about us page or blog writing. The huge mistake done during SEO is not researching on keywords and judging their own instinct. One should remember that Search engine knows more than you on what people search for they have complete data of the queries raised by the user during search. Placing proper keywords within the article provides Google with hint for best matching results. This can be figured out through Google keyword tool or SEMrush keyword analyzer.

Keywords hints you towards search intent of what user is looking for – there are searches where user just looking for information to gain more knowledge for example anyone searching for “What is SEO” it implicates that user is looking to understand what are the list of processes SEO takes on functional and technical level. Whereas; if a user search for “Good SEO companies” This implies that the user is looking for SEO services which are a commercial keyword.  Therefore understanding the keywords and search intent is important to get website visitors.

Mistake No 3 : Keywords Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is another significant mistake performed during SEO. We have seen and research on pages where there are only two or 3 times repetition of keyword and the website is ranking on top results. Keyword stuffing is old technique which is still used by many SEO agency. Although this can be a very costly mistake since the changes in algorithm don’t require keyword stuffing. If your website pages are stuffed with keywords multiple time you should start removing them by rephrasing the sentences.

Search engine robots are smart enough today with Artificial intelligence to understand if the article is written for Search engines or for human being. Always keep the content flow natural and recheck if there are any multiple keywords that are repetitive.

Mistake No. 4: Buying Back links

Back linking or Link building is the 3rd most important area for SEO after content and social media optimization. Back linking boost your website rankings as you generate traffic from other website to your website. One of the biggest mistakes in SEO is buying back links from 3rd party. Let’s take an example why back linking is important

Back linking gives a signal to search engines about the value of an article. For example if you are selling Bluetooth speakers or electronic products and your website link is published by similar industry website it gives a signal to Google about the value of your website link.

But if your website is link to some unrelated website for example selling electronic products and back links are made on pharmaceutical website. In this case you can understand how bad the impression will be. Even the target audience of Pharmaceutical website will not click on your links as it is totally unrelated.

When you buy back links from 3rd party they don’t research on your products and service and just start creating back links for numbers. Proper website credibility needs to be checked before even creating back links. Building links is a very long term process. Some of the methods used is commenting Guest blog posting PR sites for Case studies.

As per our understanding – We suggest to keep your content powerful so that back links are created automatically by other websites. If your website linking to unrelated website then you may be penalized by search engines.

Mistake No. 5: Using Low Quality Content

Content is King for any website optimization if your website consists of powerful content with related articles then you may rank higher in the search engines. Many a time’s content creation is ignored by businesses. Still today there are website which consists of 5 pages or 10 pages. Think over it why Google or yahoo will even consider your website in ranking even if you are selling high quality products.

There are other instances where company hires low content writers who either don’t research well about the industry and topic. There is even low paid writers use spinning tools for articles or in some cases limiting the content to 400 words only. Although a proper flow of article should be there while writing any piece of content. If you are limiting yourself on words then you may end up with half baked article.

If your content is limited and you are not gaining as much traffic we suggest hiring a good content writer who can create original articles that is unique and useful for your audience.

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