The Benefits of Content Writing for your website

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In the world of Digital, Media content plays an important role, and creating content is an art within itself. Creating fresh content every day is not possible for companies as proper content writing needs time and SEO experience in order to gain higher rankings in search engines. Content is considered as King for any website as the more number of pages your website has will gain more chances of hits and traffic can be improvised.

Every website offers different types of products and therefore there are different reach competition and target audience based on the products and services. For example A mobile store will be more competitive in terms of keywords where as a CNC machine manufacturing will have different set of audience. At the end of the day what is important is how you engage your audience with your piece of content. Therefore grabbing attention with your content is very important.

Here are some of the benefits and tips for writing a good content for your website pages.

1. Keep it simple

Keeping the content simply means that is up to the point of what topic you are covering. A too-short content will reduce the ranking factors of your article and too long content may go lengthy. Therefore a perfect size of the article should be created. One needs to make sure that the depth of the article is covered properly instead of providing half-baked content on your website page will lose your visitors increasing bounce rate in the long run.

One of the biggest mistake content creators do is they limit the content based on pricing – example 400 words 500 words which is nothing if the topic needs to be covered broadly. For example : How to make Pizza at home – Do you really think that writing this kind of broader content can suffice 400 words ? The answer is obviously No. As there are various process involves such as dough making – resting the dough – ingredient used for making dough – temperature setting – toppings – cooking time etc.

Therefore based on the topic the content should be created – 1000 to 1500 words of content according to current Google algorithm trends is a good content.

2. Keywords

Keywords plays an important role in content writing – there are pool of keywords for a single product which you sell in the market. Targetting all at once may not be possible therefore you need to understand what are the best performing keywords people search for and based on the analysis place them in your content. This will ensure that your readers get what they are searching for. You can use Google keyword tool or SemRush tool to analyze keywords for a particular topic. Understanding what keywords to include and exclude are not only common, but a necessity for website content writing.

While writing any piece of content you should remember that the content is written for human being and not only for the purpose of SEO. Stuffing keywords is one of the worst practices done while creating content.

3. Engage your Readers

Internet and website provide people with a platform to engage with the content and thereby increase your conversion. Based on current trend in your industry you can start creating content this will bring more visitors to your website. Just take an example of a news website – If there is a breaking news or trending news not covered on the website. People will leave and move to other website where the content is engaging. Even Google will not put your content while searching for that particular keyword.

One need to make sure that the content is engaging to the audience. Even if the topic get older you ranked higher on the search results will bring future traffic. Engaging content also helps your web pages to build more links with other website. Use of Info graphics or images keeps your visitor stick to the website with internal link building. This will reduce the bounce rate and create more dimensions to explore your website.

4. No need of Advertisement

Web content writing is cheaper as with few dollars you can hire compelling writers that can optimize your website articles. Further once these articles touch the first page result you don’t need to spend heavy on advertisement. Therefore you save much in the long run compare to just advertising your website.

As an example, if your website consists of more than 400+ articles or web pages you get more weightage in search engines and also helps you to bring more interlinking of your web pages. Spending on advertising on google vs creating great content is always cheaper. Content writing for a website becomes an asset for your company. Because the internet is taking over and the demand for content is at an all-time high, remember investing in content writers is a must for your business.

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