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In today’s era, many things have become online, like if you see an ad on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. So, you all click on the ads and take you to the website. Yes, absolutely. It’s so fast it’s like you teleport from one place to another. Plenty of people want to understand social media marketing because of the possibilities available on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s understand social media marketing with definition and detail. The reason why? You’ll be in a master position to increase sales and website traffic.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Let us see first the definition of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is marketing that targets social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MX Taka Tak for brand promotion, driving website traffic, target audience and increasing sales.

The meaning of the definition of SMM is “Social media marketing is targeting social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MX promote brands on those platforms, target the potential audience, get traffic and drive through the website, and most importantly, increase sales.

Social media marketing refers to the use of “social media and social networks” to promote a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides companies with a way of engaging with their existing clients and making new clients with the help of promotion of their desired culture, mission, or tone. Every social media campaign has data analytics tools to help marketers track the success of their efforts.

Let’s see the types of SMM

Social Networks: Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Snap Chat, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Quora, Reddit.

Social Streaming: YouTube Premium, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Facebook & Instagram Live, iTunes

Social Search: Facebook Advanced Search, Twitter Advanced Search, Social Mention, Social Searcher, Bing Social.

Social Knowledge: Wikipedia, Google Scholar, TED-ED Crash Course, Biography.com, codeacademy, Space.com, and History.comLiveScience.

Social Blogging: Wordpress.com, Medium, Blogger.com, Live Journal.com, Ghost, Wix.

Zomato Customer Service: Twitter, social commerce reviews, Yelp, Trip Advisor.

Social Publishing: Blogs, Google Display/Network, Nice Sites. Buzzfeed

Social Bookmarking: Pinterest, Slashdot, Reddit, Scoop it.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social media has revolutionized how we function as a society, especially how we communicate with one another. Businesses took note as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram grew in popularity. They began to utilize these sites for social media marketing to advance their interests. This is due to the fact that these websites have the ability to influence customer behavior.

Social media platforms enable marketers to use a variety of methods and strategies to promote content and encourage users to interact with it. Many social networks allow members to offer specific geographical, demographic, and personal information, allowing marketers to customise their messages to what users are most likely to respond to.

According to Buffer, there are five important pillars for SMM.

  1. Strategy: This step includes focusing on goals, social media platforms to utilize, and the kind of material to be shared.
  1. Planning and Publishing: Businesses should plan out their content (for example, will there be videos?). Photographs? How many scripts are there? and determine when it will be made available on the platform.
  1. Listening and Engagement: Monitoring what users, customers, and others are saying about the company’s content, brands, and other asset. This may need the use of a social media interaction tool.
  1. Analytics and Reporting: Knowing how far postings go is a crucial part of being on social media. Therefore, engagement and reach reports are essential.
  1. Advertising: Buying social media advertising is an excellent way to market and build a brand.

How can I create a social media marketing strategy?

Without a strategy, you can’t do marketing on social media networks. Let’s see the important strategy of SMM:

  1. Determine your social media objectives. Connect your SMM objectives with the broader goals of your company.
  1. Analyze your brand’s target audience: To reach their hearts, you must define your customer profile. Learn how to use social media to interact with your target audience.
  1. Choose your social media platforms wisely.Not all social media platforms will grow your business. Let’s say, for example, you can’t sell t-shirts on LinkedIn. It’s like wanting to go to Mars on a bike. So choose your social media platforms wisely, which may suit your business.
  1. Determine the tone of voice for your brand. So, you have to decide how you interact with the customer. I’ll use one instance for better understanding. Your product is t-shirts and your brand name is “XYZ”, so you have to create a tone according to your brand. It’s not like you’re selling a t-shirt but your voice tone is for shorts. Hence, the way you interact with the customer or clients, you know the tone for your brand in social media marketing strategy.
  1. Make a content strategy for yourself.You can do namely promotional, (just like you have seen, many of the influencers have taken a brand name), entertaining (sporting events, memes, etc.) and informative (explaining the product’s use, just like beard oil or personal care products).
  1. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to track your progress: They should be closely related to the primary objectives of your social media marketing activities.

Social media marketing examples

There are best social media marketing examples where you can see how brands use content to engage customers and get them to talk. Even in what has essentially become a pay-to-play channel, marketers continue to discover innovative methods to enhance their level of exposure and reach while delivering their brand’s message.

1) Gillette’s–The Best Man can be

Gillette developed a social media ad in January 2019 aimed at a modern vision of manhood. The short clip, which was only available on YouTube, highlighted numerous examples of men battling with conventional masculinity, which Gillette promoted: the fear of showing their feelings, sexual harassment, and bullying others. The film then depicts numerous instances of healthy masculinity, such as sticking up for others, caring for loved ones, and so on.

The #MeToo movement certainly influenced marketing.

What made it so effective?

This Gillette campaign is managed. This campaign was able to make good on a very topical and extensively discussed matter. It contrasted Gillette’s former branding with a new one, demonstrating the company’s readiness to evolve.

At the same time, it was highly contentious – some people were offended by how the short film depicted males and believed it was insulting.

They even created a hashtag, #BoycottGillette, though it only accounted for about 3.5 percent of all social media discussion about the campaign.

2) Spotify’s – #year wrapped

Spotify started a promotion in 2019 that allowed customers to view the most essential musical highlights on their website.

Spotify Wrapped was a unique homepage that displayed your most-listened-to artists, genres, songs, and other interesting data findings.

You could also see how the music you listened to corresponded with the events in your life that year.

After you’ve gone through all of the data analysis, Spotify recommends sharing these highlights on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram Stories, and tagging your favorite artist of the year.

According to Twitter, the campaign was referenced in at least 1.2 million posts within its first month. Over 60 million people interacted with the in-app narrative experience. Wrapped playlists received almost 3 billion streams.

What made it so effective?

To begin, the app presented a unique experience for each user, allowing you to observe how your music taste evolved over the year and which songs accompanied you in your life.

Second, by permitting and promoting social media sharing, Spotify increased the campaign’s reach.

Individuals naturally wanted to show off their highlights to their friends, which increased the number of people who wanted to enjoy this experience.

Those are the best examples of social media marketing because it’s simple to observe how many people are talking about your campaign and what they think of it.

In conclusion

Without understanding social media marketing, you can’t be a master. You need to understand the audience’s objectives and what the audience is demanding. There are plenty of strategies and tools with which you can create an ad, but if you don’t know where you’re supposed to post it, it’s meaningless. The most important thing is that “Content is the king”, but you have to make a kingdom in which content your product or services can’t grow. In simple terms, it’ll decrease the sales.

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